I'm an editorial consultant and coach known as the Book Doula.

I nurture worldchanging ideas and the people behind them.
Together we craft effective messages, strategies, and trajectories.
Together we write nonfiction books that are accessible and compelling.



A number of my partnerships are confidential. Below are some projects where my involvement is acknowledged:



You might have already sold your book to a publisher and need help writing it. You might be starting with an idea and need to craft a proposal to sell to agents and publishers. You may have written a whole manuscript and gotten stuck.

I take my time getting to know you, your project and your voice. I listen and focus deeply.

Committing your ideas, experiences, or life's work to writing can be intimidating. Don't worry. I will reassure you.

We might plan a week-long retreat to refine the concept, draft an outline, or power through some writing. We might schedule weekly Skype meetings to keep you buoyant and productive. If cajoling doesn't work, I will be stern about deadlines.

You might ask me to write a draft that you can make your own. I might interview you and shape a strong, consistent narrative from the material. I will probably do background research, editing, proofing.

You will probably make me cry..in a good way. We will probably crack each other up. I will tell you when there is spinach in your teeth. We will probably become lifelong friends.





  • “NOTHING could have quite prepared me for this….or I should say NO ONE, except you.  You are in my heart through every step and I’m just so thankful.”

    Edgar Villanueva

  • "Ariane was a real partner, providing intellectual input, research and reality checks. Her magical editorial hands transformed my writing from that of a technical geek to a far more accessible, engaging story."

    Annie Leonard

  • “Great writer. Great person. Great politics. There is no way my book would have gotten done in such short order, so beautifully, without her. Period.”

    Van Jones

  • “Every single thing in my life feels different now that this huge burden I've been carrying is shared with someone else - and not just anyone, but someone so kind and capable and who totally cares about the political message.”

    Beverly Bell